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Mar. 3rd, 2017

silver_chipmunk: (Default)
I am definitely coming down with a cold but hopefully minor. I stayed in bed most of the day and read, though after I showered and dressed I did take out a bag of garbage.

Then in the evening I went out to dinner at Boston Market with J. I called the FWiB while we were there, just for a little while, and then J and I went to our meeting, which was excellent tonight. Several newcomers and the return of an old member.

Finished the fourth Magic Ex Libris book, and read the new Penric and Desdemona novella. Both very good. Need another Penric though, too much of an unsettled ending.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My meetings and the people there.

3. Friends.

4. Good books.

5. Zinc for my cold.

6. Day to rest up.

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