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Apr. 29th, 2017

Sweet 16

Apr. 29th, 2017 10:07 pm
silver_chipmunk: (Default)
Today was the Sweet 16 party for J's granddaughter that I was invited to. Happily, my boss showed up at work today, back from taking care of his father, so there were four people, so I was able to ask to leave an hour early to get there relatively on time. It was interesting, but rather as you might expect, there were a grand total of two people there that I knew, one J herself and the other someone else from program, D. I sat with D and had a relatively good time talking to him. The food was great, and it was fun.

Sadly I did not get to talk to the FWiB. We didn't connect. I'll call him tomorrow at six and hopefully get through.

Gratitude List:

1. Nice boss.

2. The FWiB.

3. Quiet day at work.

4. The one-on-one computer tutoring I had to do was easier than I expected.

5. Party.

6. The cable I ordred in December FINALLY GOT HERE!

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