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Apr. 8th, 2017

Up early

Apr. 8th, 2017 11:52 pm
silver_chipmunk: (Default)
Cause I had to go to work and do my comp time. I was a little later than I planned, but got there in time to set everything up and pick out books to read. It all went very well. I read three books, Miss Nelson is Missing, Make Way for Ducklings, and Marching with Aunt Susan. I was particularly pleased with the last, a book about a young girl becoming a Suffragette with Susan B. Anthony.

Then I came home and paid my electric bill while I waited for Oldest Brother. He picked me up and we went to the Chinese Buffet where he wanted to have his birthday meal. Aunt Helen, John, Denise and Brianne joined us soon after, and by complete coincidence it turned out that sitting at the table behind us was Mrs. J, John's first mother-in-law, Briannes's other grandmother. Which was nice for everyone, as she is apparently quite happy about John's marriage to Denise and they get along quite well (for readers who don't know, John's first wife Debbie died some years ago.) So we all got to say hello to her.

The food was excellent and as is typical with such places, I stuffed. Then we went back to Aunt Helen's house and had his birthday pie and ice cream and presents.

Then we hung out for hours chatting, and had a very good time. Oldest Brother took me home, and now I'm getting ready for bed.

Sadly no time for a call to the FWiB tonight.

Gratitude List:

1. Oldest brother.

2. Family.

3. Good food.

4. Forsythia in bloom.

5. My program this mornining worekd out well.

6. Bed soon.

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